Employee Spotlight Celebrates Jose & Denise

Written by: Jessica Santina   |   Posted on: June 01, 2023

Learning never stops, no matter your age or career path. That’s why Click Bond provides tuition assistance to employees...

Employee Spotlight Celebrates Jose & Denise

Learning never stops, no matter your age or career path. That’s why Click Bond provides tuition assistance to employees who want to add to or enhance their skills with further education. Recently, two Click Bonders took advantage of this opportunity and received their hard-earned college degrees!

Jose Nunez, Facilities Inventory and Procurement Specialist, was one of the very first employees to take advantage of this benefit — first through tuition reimbursement, and then through tuition payment. In 2016, Jose enrolled in Truckee Meadows Community College’s Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program in logistics management, with an additional certificate in bookkeeping.

Jose says his kids — both fostered and adopted — inspired him to continue his education. After dropping out of high school, he started a successful career in construction … until 2008, when the housing crash left him without work and few options. He took a job in warehousing, which offered little opportunity for growth.

As a foster parent to two children, Jose wanted to be a positive role model, so he decided to go back to school. He took a high school equivalency exam to get his diploma and then immediately began thinking about college. In 2016, he enrolled in the TMCC program because he had seen firsthand how logistics affects businesses of all types. And after starting at Click Bond in 2021, he began receiving tuition reimbursement, then quickly took advantage of tuition payment as soon as it was available, which eased the burden of coming up with his tuition payments ahead of time — a big help now that his family had grown to include a wife and a total of eight kids (biological, fostered, and adopted).

Jose officially earned his A.A.S. in May, and because TMCC offers a bachelor’s degree in logistics operations — one of few four-year degrees available there — he plans to return in fall to continue working toward his bachelor’s.

Denise Moguel, Supervisor of Shipping & Receiving, graduated on May 22 from Western Nevada College with her A.A.S. in business management. Her decision to enroll in the program in 2018 stemmed from her desire to develop her management skills, which she could directly apply to her role at work.

Because she never stopped working full-time hours (and often overtime!), the process was slow going; she was only able to take two or three classes at a time. Not only that, but her enrollment was disrupted by COVID, when her in-person classes shifted to remote delivery.

“Sometimes it was just me and my dogs late at night, with me doing homework and trying not to make noise because my family was asleep,” she says. “Sometimes I told my husband, ‘I need another eight hours in each day!’”

But the missed sleep was definitely worth it, she says. “Besides the stuff we do here at Click Bond, I learned so many other things. It was nice to go back and learn some math and science I hadn’t seen before, to refresh my brain.” She was also pleasantly surprised to learn that many of the ideas touched on in her courses are currently used at Click Bond, through its work with Operation Explore.

After she enjoys a bit of time off from school, Denise says she might consider going back to finish a bachelor’s degree. “If I can do it while working overtime and raising three kids, anyone can do it. And take advantage of the fact that Click Bond helps with tuition!”

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