Insulation Blanket Fasteners

Click Bond offers a variety of insulation blanket fasteners and retainers used in aerospace. Adhesive bonded, insulation blanket mount receptacles may be  used when rivet hole drilling is not permitted. Integral internal installation fixtures in some versions make installing the receptacle simple, maintaining positive pressure over the center of the receptacle while adhesive cures.

For thick insulation, Click Bond offers a variety of lengths as a solution when standard retainers will not reach through. Fastener materials range from 300 Stainless, A-286, and even our state-of-the-art thermal plastics. 

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Custom Solutions

Our engineers are ready to pioneer advanced fastening solutions to solve your design challenges and enable your ideas to take off. Contact our Sales Team to explore customized designs as well as the hundreds of iterative products not shown in our online product database.

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